Push Press


The push press is similar to the military shoulder press, with the athlete performing a partial squat at the beginning of exercise by dipping their hips, allowing for a forceful ascent as the barbell is pressed above the head. Incorporating the ankle, knee and hip extenders results in greater overall power production, and is seen as a sound choice for sportspeople and athletes looking to develop overall explosive power.

The push press can also be performed with a set of dumbbells or kettlebells.

Sport uses

The push press is a useful exercise for athletes participating in sports which involve quick and explosive actions of the arms. The explosive drive of the knees and hips is also useful among many sporting disciplines, such as football, rugby, martial arts, wrestling and athletics.

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  1. Load a barbell with a suitable weight and place on the safety collars
  2. Either de-rack the barbell or clean the weight up so that it is across the front of your shoulders
  3. A wider than shoulder width grip should be used, with the elbows flared outward


  1. Dip downward by flexing at your knees and hips to perform a partial squat
  2. Forcefully extend your knees and hips whilst pressing the barbell upward by extending your arms
  3. Once the bar is extended above your head, slowly lower the weight to your shoulders
  4. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions