Hang Clean


The hang clean, and hang power clean, are variations of the traditional clean Olympic lift. The hang power clean is performed the same way as the hang clean, but there is a reduced range of motion during the squat segment of the lift.

Both variations extensively tax the ankles, knees and hips extenders, which is sought after by athletes and sportspeople looking to develop explosive strength in these muscle groups. The upper body is also targeted, with the muscles responsible for the dynamic movements of the shoulders, scapula and clavicle recruited to pull the barbell upward onto the athlete’s shoulders.

Sport uses

Both the hang clean and the power hang clean are widely used within sport specific training programs. Both are very effective for developing explosive hip extension capabilities which is highly valuable in many different disciplines, including martial arts, football, rugby and athletics.

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  1. Stand over a suitably weighted barbell, feet shoulder width apart
  2. Squat down and grasp the barbell with a slightly wider than shoulder width, overhand grip
  3. Stand erect with the barbell at your thighs


  1. Keeping back arched and chest up, allow the barbell to travel downward by flexing at your hips until the bar is mid-way down your thighs
  2. Explosive jump upward, shrugging the bar upward whilst allowing your arms to flare outward as you pull it up towards shoulder level
  3. Rotate your elbows around as you dip under the bar
  4. The barbell should be brought securely to your shoulders as you squat down
  5. Extend at your knees and hips to stand up erect with the barbell on your shoulders
  6. Safely lower the barbell to the ground
  7. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions