Dumbbell Snatch


The dumbbell snatch is a variation of the traditional snatch, allowing the athlete to execute the exercise in a unilateral manner. As with the barbell snatch, the lift is tremendous for improving explosive strength through the posterior chain and shoulder joint.

As expected, the lift is commonly used by athletes and sportspeople within sports which require high levels of speed and power.

Sport uses

For sports which require explosive and fast movements, such as football, rugby, martial arts, tennis, wrestling and athletics, the dumbbell snatch is a perfect choice to incorporate within a weight training program. Like the traditional barbell snatch, the exercise is excellent for developing the knee and hip extenders, but with the added challenge of being unilateral in nature, and thus requiring an even greater deal of stabilisation and coordination.

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  1. Find a dumbbell of a suitable weight
  2. Take a wider than shoulder width stance and grasp the dumbbell to the front of your body


  1. Squat down, allowing the dumbbell to descend between your legs until your thighs are around parallel to the ground
  2. Forcefully extend at the knees and hips, whilst bringing the dumbbell upward with your arm
  3. As the dumbbell reaches shoulder level, dip beneath the weight so your arm is fully extended above
  4. Ascend by extending your knees and hips, keeping the dumbbell extended above your head
  5. Lower the weight so it is again positioned to the front of your body
  6. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions