How to Front Raise

About the Front Raise

The dumbbell front raise allows an athlete to isolate the front (anterior) deltoid head, or in other words, the front region of the shoulder. The exercise requires little dynamic assistance from other muscles, and is therefore highly effective if the athlete’s goal is to solely target the front deltoid head.

Using dumbbells for the front raise has the benefit of working the shoulders in a unilateral way, requiring each side of the body to lift an equal resistance. This prevents one side of the body overpowering the other, and is effective for restoring and maintaining muscle balance.

Athletes may also be interested in the cable front raise, which is performed in a similar manner to the dumbbell front raise, yet allowing for continuous resistance through the movement. The cable version can also be performed with the athletes lay on the floor, using a low cable pulley.

How to perform


  1. Find a set of dumbbells which are of suitable weight for you
  2. Standing erect, feet shoulder width apart, grasp the dumbbells down by your sides


  1. Raise one arm up in front of you, with a slight bend in the elbow
  2. Continue raising the dumbbell until your arm is parallel with the ground
  3. Slowly reverse the movement to bring the dumbbell back down to the side
  4. Repeat the same action with the opposite arm
  5. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions

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