How to Back Extensions

About the Back Extensions

Athletes and gym-goers who wish to target their spinal erectors will find the back extension a suitable choice, with stronger and more experienced lifters able to add greater resistance to the exercise by holding a weight plate or medicine ball.

As mentioned, the spinal erectors are the primary target of the back extension, but the hamstrings and glutes also play a role in the exercise as they aid the extension of the hip.

If your gym does not have a back extension station you can instead perform the superman, although this mainly focuses on the hyper extension of the back through a much more limited range of motion (ROM). For extension of the hip, the dumbbell stiff leg deadlift is a great alternative.

How to perform


  1. Adjust the pads if necessary
  2. Place thighs on the pad, grasp the handles to support you whilst you bring your lower legs under the rear pads
  3. Bend torso over the front pad


  1. Fully extend at the hip to bring your torso up in a controlled manner
  2. Once extended, lower the torso back to the starting position
  3. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions

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