How to Cable Crunch

About the Cable Crunch

Effectively targeting the rectus abdominis (a.k.a. the “six-pack”) and the obliques (which runs in a V shape to the side of the abdomen), the kneeling cable crunch is a relatively advanced abdominal exercise which allows athletes to add greater resistance to the crunch than just their own bodyweight.

Is it the ability to add greater resistance which makes it a great choice for athletes who wish to develop strength and power by using heavier loads and lower repetitions, which is harder to accomplish with the traditional crunch exercises. It is also popular among bodybuilders who can increase the resistance to work within a repetition range which is more effective for muscle hypertrophy (growth), instead of endless repetitions with their own bodyweight.

How to perform


  1. Set the pin to the correct weight on the station
  2. Attach a rope attachment to the top pulley
  3. Grasp each of the rope handles and pull down as you kneel down on the ground
  4. Place your hands, whilst grasping the rope handles, to either side of your head
  5. Torso should be at around forty-five degrees, with the back slightly hyper-extended ready for trunk flexion to occur


  1. Whilst keeping your lower body stationary, flex your torso downward whilst keeping the handles by the side of your head
  2. Flex forward until peak contraction is reached. It is the flexion of your rib-cage towards your pelvis which is important to focus on, not your torso toward your thighs
  3. Reverse back to the starting position
  4. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions

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