How to Cable Fly

About the Cable Fly

If your gym has twin cable stations, the standing cable fly is a great option for isolating the chest. Through transverse flexion of the shoulder, the two muscle heads of the chest are primarily targeted, with assistance from the front (anterior) deltoid head (i.e. the front of the shoulder).

If performed correctly, the standing cable fly has a similar action to the lying dumbbell fly, yet has the benefit of continuous tension and resistance throughout the exercise. To explain further; the dumbbell fly is most effective in the lower segment of the arc, as the athlete is overcoming gravity. As the dumbbells are brought up higher through the arc much of the gravitational resistance is lost down through the arms, acting as secondary stabilisers, not the chest.

How to perform


  1. Located a set of cable towers and set the stacks to a suitable weight
  2. Attach two D handles to the high pulleys
  3. Grasp each of the handles, and position yourself in the center of the towers
  4. Take a step forward, stand with a staggered stance for better balance, lean the torso forward
  5. Allow your arms to be flared outward and stretched. The arms should remain fixed throughout the exercise, but with a bend at the elbow


  1. Bring the two handles together by contracting the chest, as if you were hugging a tree
  2. Slowly reverse the movement back to the starting position
  3. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions

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