How to T-Bar Row

About the T-Bar Row

The t-bar row is a bent over row variation which primarily targets the latissimus dorsi, but also recruits the rhomboids, teres major, rear deltoid head, and the arm flexor muscles.

Because the athlete is bent over during the t-bar row, it may not be a suitable exercise for those with posture issues, lower back problems, or inflexible hamstrings. Such athletes may find a seated row a better suited alternative.

Form is important during the t-bar row. Always aim to move the weight with the target muscles, avoiding any movement of the hips or lower body. If the athlete begins to drive the hips during the exercise it is a clear indication that the weight is too heavy (either for the target or the stabilising muscles).

Whilst this exercise profile discusses the use of a t-bar row station, many athletes also perform the t-bar row with a barbell, albeit often in a less safe manner depending on how the barbell is secured. This is done by loading one end of the barbell with the required load, whilst the other none-loaded end is pinned into the corner of the gym. The athlete then performs the t-bar row by grasping the loaded end of the barbell.

How to perform


  1. Load with correct weight
  2. Place your feet on the platform, with knees bent, learnt forward with a straight back and heels planted
  3. Grasp the handles


  1. Pull the handles towards the abdomen whilst maintaining sound posture
  2. After peak contraction, slowly reverse the movement back to the starting position
  3. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions

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