How to Triceps Kick Backs

About the Triceps Kick Backs

Targeting the triceps via extension of the arm, the triceps kickback is an exercise which may be more suitable for those who perform moderate to high repetition training. The kickback is not particularly well suited to higher loads, with the athlete having to keep the upper arm parallel to the ground during the set which becomes difficult with heavier dumbbells.

An alternative to the dumbbell kickback is the cable kickback using a low cable pulley without an attachment.

How to perform


  1. Find a dumbbell of a suitable weight
  2. Kneel one side of your body on a bench, torso bent parallel with the floor, with your arm supporting your upper body
  3. Grasping the dumbbell with your other arm, tuck the upper arm close to your torso, parallel to the ground
  4. The lower arm should be perpendicular to the ground, so there is roughly a ninety degree angle in the arm


  1. Keeping your torso and upper are stationary, extend the lower arm backwards by contracting the triceps until the forearm is parallel to the ground
  2. Slowly reverse the movement back to the starting position
  3. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions

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