How to Prone Incline Curl

About the Prone Incline Curl

The prone incline curl effectively stimulates the biceps, along with the other arm flexor muscles whilst eliminating the ability of the athlete to use assistive muscle groups or body movement to help curl the weight.

An interesting element of the prone curl is the role the two biceps heads play. Unlike traditional arm curls, the short (inner) head of the biceps is more or less muted during the curl due to what is known as active insufficiency, therefore placing the majority of the stress onto the long (outer) biceps head. This may be the reason as to why many bodybuilders have reported the prone curl being highly effective for developing the “peak” of the biceps, although we must remember the shape of the biceps is mostly based on your genetics.

A barbell, EZ bar, set of dumbbells or cable pulley are all suitable for the prone curl, allowing for various grips to be experimented with. Remember, using a neutral (palms facing towards each other) or pronated (palms facing down) grip will reduce the biceps activity during a curl and place greater emphasis on the other arm flexor muscles.

How to perform


  1. Load an EZ bar with a suitable weight and place on the safety collars
  2. Set an incline bench to around 35-40 degrees
  3. Lay flat, face down on the inline bench so the incline pad is supporting your torso but your neck and head is past the pad and your arms are free to your sides
  4. Have someone pass you the EZ bar, grasping the bar with a grip of your choosing


  1. Keeping your torso pressed up on the bench, curl the bar upward until peak is contraction is made
  2. Reverse the movement in a controlled manner
  3. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions

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