Best treadmill workout for fat loss

Best treadmill workout for fat loss

If you’re looking to induce fat loss during your treadmill workout then interval training is undoubtedly the most effective means in which to do so.

Any look around a busy gym will illustrate that interval training, despite being the most effective means in which to loose fat, isn’t really on most people’s radars. It may not be on yours either. Most people spend a long time on a treadmill, slugging away at a steady pace while they listen to their favourite album, watch some TV or read a book.

Steady-state cardio has its place. It’s advised that you should undertake thirty minutes of moderate intensity exercise each day to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a 30-60 minute jog on the treadmill is an excellent option. But if you’re someone that is specifically looking to loose fat, intervals are proven to be burn more body fat and do so with shorter workouts.

Interval treadmill workout

So, if you’re ready to give an interval treadmill workout a go, how do we structure it?

1. A steady warmup

Firstly, start with a 5-10 minute warm up.

Begin with a gradual walk and slowly build it up to a brisk walk.

2. Begin the walking interval (effort 3-4/10)

By the end of your warm up you should be walking at a brisk pace. We now begin two minutes of the walking interval, the lower intensity portion of the interval training. During these two minutes you should be working at an intensity in which you can have a conversation with someone next to you but with the need to stop for breathes after a few words.

For some people this may require using the incline to make things a bit more difficult or even break out into a gradual jog.

3. Begin the running interval (effort 7-8/10)

After the two minutes is up you jump right into the running interval for one minute. This one minute should be of a high intensity – you wouldn’t be able to have a conversation at this intensity and takes quite a lot of effort.

4. Repeat the intervals

You repeat this 2 minute moderate to 1 minute high intensity intervals until the end of the workout.

For a thirty minute workout you could complete the warm up, perform eight of the combined intervals and then have a several minutes cool-down.

Such a treadmill workout will be highly effective for fat loss and takes considerably less time, too.

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