Glucomannan review

Glucomannan review

Our Glucomannan review examines the effectiveness of this fairly popular and inexpensive weight loss supplement. While weight loss is a popular goal for many, most do not manage to maintain the lifestyle changes required to sustain a lower bodyweight. Glucomannan, a natural dietary fibre extract, may be able to help.

Extracted from the roots of the Konjac plant, Glucomannan is a dietary fibre that has the extraordinary ability to absorb up to 50 times its own weight in water. You can witness this for yourself by empting the contents of a Glucomannan capsule into a small glass of water and giving it a swirl – the water turns into a paste as it is profusely absorbed by the fibre.

So, how does Glucomannan promote weight loss?

The remarkable fluid absorbing properties of Glucomannan has proven to be an effective aid for those on a calorie restricted diet.

Glucomannan itself has a very low calorie content but when taken before meals it can help dieters feel more full despite them being on a low calorie diet. As we have mentioned, this is accomplished by the Glucomannan absorbing fluids within the stomach, expanding in volume and promoting the welcomed feeling of fullness and satiety despite dieting.

Fewer calories can be consumed and the dieter is less likely to snack on the unhealthy treats often reached for when hunger strikes.

How helpful is it for losing weight?

In a nutshell

Helps create the feeling of fullness so calorie intake can be reduced. Usually promotes some additional weight loss and is cheap and well tolerated, hence a fairly popular choice.

For many, Glucomannan will prove to be a cost effective choice if they’re looking for some additional help in the form of a weight loss supplement.

It has been shown in numerous high quality studies that Glucomannan combined with a calorie restricted diet produces greater weight loss than dieting alone1, 2 & 3. According to the studies, it’s a weight loss supplement which, although not be miraculous, is effective at producing several additional pounds of weight loss.

That said, it’s always wise to research peoples real-life experiences before you purchase any supplement and generally it’s somewhat of a mixed bag when it comes to real-life Glucomannan reviews and ratings.

However, this is to be expected – let me explain:

Typically most dieters rate the supplement highly (four or five stars) and confirm that it is particularly useful in promoting the feeling of fullness when dieting. Few rate it as moderately effective, while on the other end of the spectrum you’ll find a decent number who rate the supplement as worthless and ineffective.

Why is there such a split in opinions? There may be a number of reasons, but it likely illustrates the fact that Glucomannan is not a supplement that will directly induce much weight loss itself; it will simply help when combined with a low calorie diet, will power and patience. Some people’s struggle with overeating may be due to psychological reasons, such as ingrained habits or emotional issues and Glucomannan will unlikely help in these cases. However, the reviews indicate that for most people the supplement does provide a welcomed benefit which allows them to stick to a diet and lose some additional weight.

As well as aiding weight loss, Glucomannan has shown it can potentially improve a number of other health issues by reducing “bad” (LDL) cholesterol, fasting blood glucose and plasma lipids levels1.

For optimal results it is advised to take Glucomannan before meals, washed down with a couple of glasses of water. The doses used in studies seem to indicate that 2-4g of Glucomannan a day is an effective dose, so 1g consumed three times a day before your main meals should prove to be a sound choice.

Should I try Glucomannan?

Unlike many other weight loss supplements, Glucomannan has been shown to be a weight loss product that works. Its effectiveness is backed by high quality studies and peoples real life experience.

The effects of Glucomannan should not be over-hyped, however. When taken before a meal it has been shown to cause a moderate amount of additional weight loss (the studies indicate several extra pounds lost over the course of half a dozen or so weeks) and it is most effective when combined with a low calorie diet. Also remember, not all real-world reviews of Glucomannan are positive as we covered above.

Given its relatively low cost (it is possible to pick up a weeks’ worth of the supplement for around £1.50) and is generally well tolerated, those interested in trying Glucomannan can inexpensively trail the supplement themselves for a few weeks to gauge if it’s helpful to them.

Plus points

  •  A proven, effective weight loss supplement
  •  Helps to keep you feeling full whilst on a low calorie diet
  •  It’s generally well tolerated with side effects uncommon
  •  Has been shown to improve “bad” (LDL) cholesterol, fasting blood glucose and triglycerides levels1
  •  It is relatively cheap; three 1g servings per day should not cost you much more than £1.50 per week
  •  Widely available from reputable supplement brands and retailers

Things to consider

  •  While Glucomannan can help reduce the feeling of hunger it will do little to help you lose weight if your eating habits remain the same
  •  Glucomannan will only really help if you make the lifestyle changes required to lose weight i.e. a calorie restricted diet and increased activity levels
  •  Mild side effects can occur, including diarrhoea and stomach upsets
  •  Can interfere with the absorption of some medications, so avoid taking Glucomannan several hours before/after taking them (it would be wise to speak to your GP if you take any medicines or have any special dietary requirements and plan to start supplementing with Glucomannan)

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