Get a six-pack abs in 4 weeks

Get a six-pack abs in 4 weeks

Building a decent four-pack abs requires a lots of persistence, but it's shaping out your lower abs to complete The Impressive Six that really takes our dedication. And not only in the gym. Building the perfect six-pack abs requires a good balanced diet and your dedication.

Our team here at Rated Supplements have developed this plan for those who wish to get the that perfect six-pack abs they've always wanted!

Getting that happened it entirely depends on your dedication and saying "NO" to Junk Foods! Start your six-pack abs exercise  and diet only if you are truly dedicated and serious about it!

Six-Pack Diet

Use Rated Supplements’ 10 simple nutritional values to enhanced your main musculature. “Use these dietary steps and you’ll generate your metabolic rate and get your mid-section functioning correctly”.

  1. Stay away from refined and processed foods as much as possible.
  2. Eat six times a day, every three hours.
  3. Have a portion of protein as your base with every meal. Examples: Eggs, fish, chicken, and other lean meats.
  4. Between meals have snack like olives, nuts, avocado, seeds or small bags of snap peas.
  5. For breakfast and your second meal, have starchy carbs – oatmeal, rye or sprouted bread and a piece of fruit.
  6. For lunch, have a sweet or regular potato, brown rice with kidney beans, prawns and avocado are all excellent options.
  7. For your evening meal, get some vegetable in you, however avoid root vegetable and any starchy carbs.
  8. Drink lots of water - all the time.
  9. Cheat Meal Day: Every 10 days give yourself a one cheat meal. This can be anything you like! Bare in mind though if you want to reveal your six-packs abs in just four weeks such gastronomic sacrifices are necessary!
  10. Consume one of these post-workout protein shakes as soon as possible after your workout. Go for around 40-50g carbs and 20-30g of protein. “This will stabilises your hormonal system to enable tissue regeneration and keeps blood sugars stable”.

The six-pack workout

Complete the six exercises below four times a week: (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday or Saturday) for four weeks. On two of your no-exercise days, execute and finish 45 minutes of uphill treadmill walking exercise (not running). And have a rest day on Sunday.

Make sure your total exercise workout each day lasts 45 minutes and no lazy excuses! Remember it takes your full dedication to achieve the best results!  After completing the circuits fill in any spare time you may have with uphill treadmill walking to complete a 45-minute slot. Keep your resting time firm and concentrate on skills rather than speed! Remember no pain no gain!

1. Overhead bench squats

You may say why? Overhead bench squats exercise has a high metabolic output as the multiple joints are being used. It launches the midsection through stabilising the weight above the head while simultaneously lengthening the midsection.”

You may ask How? With an appropriately weighted bar held above your head, position your body in front of a bench. Keep the bar in line with the midline of your body and sit back onto the bench, keep your chest high and your head up. You'll notice the bar will want to move forward as soon as you sit back onto the bench, but try to move it further back again as soon as possible. Stand and repeat the exercise again.

Sets: 3-4
Reps: 20-30
Rest: 30 seconds

Enhanced the routine for weeks three and four: Increase the sets to 5-6, decrease rest to 0-15 seconds and make the bench an inch lower.

2. Prone knee to opposite elbow

This routine will stabilises the midsection much like the plank however adds the aspects of internal hip rotation to work your obliques and assemble your hip flexors.

How? In a push-up position, rotate your right knee underneath your body to try and touch the opposite elbow. Keep your hips down and foot off the floor throughout. Repeat with your other leg. That’s one rep.

Sets: 3-4
Reps: 10-15
Rest: 30 seconds

On weeks three and four Increase sets to 5-6, decrease rest to 0-15 seconds and perform an additional push-up every fifth rep.

3. Prone knee to outside same elbow

Why? See above.

How? In a push-up position, lift your right knee up towards your right elbow – trying to land it on the top of the elbow. Keep your hips down and foot off the floor throughout. Repeat with your other leg. That’s one rep.

Sets 3-4
Reps 10-15
Rest 30 seconds

On weeks three and four Increase sets to 5-6, decrease rest to 0-15 seconds and perform an additional push-up every fifth rep.

4. Push-ups

Why?  These continue the static work on your midsection while working the pecs, deltoids and triceps, too.

How? Do as many standard push-ups as you can. If you’re seriously flagging, drop your knees to squeeze out some box push-ups for a set of 15.

Sets 3-4
Reps 15
Rest 30 seconds

On weeks three and four More full push-ups. Less box push-ups.

5. Swiss ball hamstring curls

Why? “These fire the posterior chain and make the hamstrings and glutes work hard.

How? Lie on your back with a Swiss ball positioned underneath the heels of your straight legs. Keep your hips up off the floor, stabilise with your glutes and curl your heels to your bum. Return and repeat.

Sets 3-4
Reps 10-15
Rest 30 seconds

Crank it up for weeks three and four Increase sets to 5-6, decrease rest to 0-15 seconds and return the ball to its starting position using only one leg.

6. Split lunge/Overhead press

Why? “Again, your midsection is fired through stabilising the weight above your head and the use of multiple joints means a high metabolic output.

How? Hold a dumb-bell on each shoulder and set up a lunge position. Move your back knee to the floor in a forward lunge and as you reach the end of the movement press both dumb-bells above your head.

Sets 3-4
Reps 10-15 seconds
Rest 30 seconds

Crank it up for weeks three and four Press the dumb-bells above your head before you begin the exercise. Then perform the lunge, keeping the weights above your head for the whole movement.

Uphill treadmill walking

Once you’ve completed three circuits of the previous six exercises, get on the treadmill until your total session time hits 45 minutes.

Why? “To burn additional fuel once your glycogen levels are depleted. Stopping at the 45-minute mark ensures you preserve the use of muscle tissue as fuel.

How? Set an incline for as hard a setting as you can manage and start walking. Do not run. “This workout has a lot of muscular stress around the lower limbs and the impact of running when these are fatigued is not good.”

Crank it up for weeks three and four Walk faster on an even steeper incline. Do it even if you only have a few minutes left in your designated 45.

Want more?

Finished your three circuits with more treadmill time than you’d like?  Throw in some concertina crunches. Lying down with your arms behind your head, pull your elbows up to touch both knees. Then push your feet out and lengthen your torso until your legs are at full extension and elbows touching the floor above your head. Return and repeat. Aim for 5-6 sets of 15 reps with 0-15 seconds rest between sets.

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