Will weight training help me lose weight?

Hi guys

I'm doing very well so far with my weight loss, currently down 12lbs since I began at the start of the year :D

I have a friend who seems to know what he's talking about and recommends I begin some weight training to help me lose weight but I'm a bit unsure?

I've done well up until now from swimming and running and would welcome anything else which will help me lose weight but I don't really want to build muscle (no offence to those who like that look!), so not sure!

Any help would be very much appreciated





Well done of your weight loss so far, that's a great result. Do you feel better, fitter etc.?

Weight training has lots of benefits if you're trying to lose weight/fat:

  • It burns lots of calories during and after your workout
  • It's great for fat burning and preserving lean tissue when losing weight
  • It will increase your metabolism so you burn more calories during the day
  • It will enhance your body composition
  • It offers an alternative workout for your body and mind so your workouts don't become stale
  • Plus lots of other great general benefits for health, fitness and well-being...

The whole "weight training will make me bulk up" thing is abit of a myth. You won't bulk up or start to look like a bodybuilder from adding weight training into your weight loss plan. Although I don't like the term, it will help you achieve a more "toned" figure as your bodyfat levels drop and your muscle tissue undergoes some level of hypertrophy (growth).

Having said all that, I don't think it is a necessity for your weight loss if you're not keen on it for whatever reasons. Swimming is a very good choice and actually has a similar affect to high reps / low weight weight training - being a form of low resistance training, so I would definitely stick with that. 


Thankyou! Yes I do feel so much better and very proud :)

Thankyou for the explaination that has really helped me. I enjoy the swimming the most and I used to compete when I was younger so I will be sticking with the swimming. I think I will try a few sessions during the week as well. Am I best getting a personal trainer to help me or just go and use some light weights on the machines and weights? Bit clueless when it comes to weights!  :)



Hey hun, if you use light weights and high reps it will definitely help you tone up. You won't bulk up :)


Thankss hun


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