What should I eat before my workout?


I jog most days for 30-45 minutes to help me lose weight (I can't afford a gym membership).

At the moment I'm going jogging about half an hour to forty five minutes after tea but I'm getting a stitch a lot so I'm wondering if I'm eating the wrong things or shouldn't be jogging quite as soon after I'm eating?

Any help would be great! :D




It's not 100% known what causes stitches, but eating too soon to exercise is a common factor so waiting a bit longer would most likely solve the stitch issue.

If you're trying to loose weight another option would be to do your jog first thing in the morning before you eat, but remember to take on fluids before hand. This would avoid the above issue and many find it an effective way to burn greater levels of body fat - the body uses it's own stored energy to fuel the exercise (bodyfat) instead of glycogen, which will be low from not yet eating. This may not be practicle for you, but it's a possible option.

If you do prefer to jog in the evenings then I would say you're best just re-jigging the timings so there's more a gap between when you eat and when you workout.

What you eat before the workout/jog  is less of an issue, assuming it's part of a decent diet to help you loose weight. Keeping calories in check and workouts are 99% of the battle.


Thankyou very much :)

Yes I'm going to wait longer and see how that goes. I'm not much of a morning person so I'll try sticking to the evenings at the moment but I may try in the mornings at the weekends.

Thanks again




30-45 minutes after an evening meal is probably too soon to be running, hence why you're getting a stitch.

I would suggest waiting at least an hour, ideally a bit longer.

What are you eating for your evening meal?


Thanks for the reply :)

My tea varies a lot, but usually healthy choices like chicken with rice etc. Every so often we do have a take-out though but no more than once per week!

Do you think what I'm eating can be an issue?


I don't think it's what you're eating, but possibly how much. If your evening meal is the largest of the day it may explain the stitch although that's probably just because you're running too soon after eating. Try running later and I'm sure you'll find you get less stitches and the run will be easier too.


OK, thanks for your help. I'll try later on :)


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