How do I lose lower belly fat?

I want to get rid of the roll of fat I have at the bottom of my belly. I've been doing sit ups but I dunno if there is a better way? x




Yes, there is a far better way - general fat loss through cardio and dieting.

"Spot reduction" is somewhat of a myth, targeting a specific area of the body with an exercise will do very little to induce fat loss in that specific region. In other words, sit ups are a poor choice for targeting belly fat. It is a decent choice for targeting the underlying abdominal muscle, however.

If you want to lose lower belly fat then the most effective path is to reduce overall body fat, which is best achieved with regular cardio and reduced calorie intake (dieting).

Resistance training (including sit ups) can play an important role because it helps  to boost the metabolism (greater calorie expenditure) and builds up the muscle underneath the body fat. Using the stomach as an example, sit ups and other core exercises will cause hypertrophy (growth) of the abdominals so they will appear more defined when the body fat covering the muscle is reduced via dieting and cardio. In other words, better body composition.

It's worth pointing out that the lower belly is a trouble spot for most people. It tends to be the last and most stobburn area to get rid of body fat.

Do you currently follow any diet or exercise plan specifically for fat loss?


Yes I do other exercises and cardio and try to watch what I eat

Yes you're right about the lower belly! I have found losing fat in other areas much easier x


What's the duration, frequency, intensity etc. of your cardio? What do you do for cardio?

Your food and drink intake is a major factor when it comes to body composition, so greater focus there will prove multple times more effective than what core exercise you choose to perform.

My advise would be to read up on diet, nutrition and general fat loss plans (be sure to include some resistance training).


Good answer, thumbs up!



You can't target belly fat with sit ups, unfortunately!



Try leg raises, they really burn my lower belly! x


The burning feeling is in the muscle (lactic acid build up), not body fat.


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