Probiotics - do they work?

What's everyones thoughts on probiotics?

They claim to aid gut health and the immune system, but I've heard on BBCs "Super Foods" program that there is no evidence to actually support the claims?




Your question has two elements to it.

Yes, probiotics may be useful, especially for some conditions such as IBS. Most of the claims made about them are unproven though.

Also remember there are many different types of probiotics and there is a world of difference between the pharmaceutical-grade probiotics they use in studies and the stuff marketed in yogurts and foods.

You would need to research the specific product you're thinking of buying and see what tangible evidence there is that it will help with what you're hoping it will help with.

Generally I would avoid, unless you have a specific need which you think probiotics may help with (which will be the minority of people).


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