Is Hydroxycut any good?

Hi again guys!

I'm happy to say my dieting is going very well. The amount I'm losing has gone down from when I started but I'm still losing a few pounds a week so all going in right direction!

I have come across the supplement Hydroxycut which looks like a good fat loss product but I'm not sure if I'm ready to use it or not? It's also not cheap ekkk!

What are peoples thoughts. Should I wait until I stop losing more weight or would Hydroxycut help me lose even more? I'm hoping someone on here has taken it before so will be able to let me know

Thanks :D




Hydroxycut is a product range so there are several products you may come across.

Generally they are vastly overpriced, over-hyped products which contain a mixture of ingredients which show varying amounts of success in reducing body weight / bodyfat.

There are studies which show Hydroxycut leads to weight loss and are referenced on the product marketing but the studies were funded by the maker of Hydroxycut.

Depending which product you're looking at, it is far cheaper to separately buy the ingredient used if you think it will be effective for weight loss. For example, some of the Hydroxycut products contain caffeine and yohimbine which I don't personally rate highly for weight loss but you can purchase them far more cheaply elsewhere.

Yes, some of the products will help you lose weight but there's no reason to pay well over-the-odds for it.

I would avoid.


Spot on this. Great reply.



I've had good results from it but as you say its expensive!


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