What rep range is best for strength gains - 5 x 5?

Hi guys

I'm after some help with the best rep/set numbers for increasing my strength.

I'm 22 and want to increase my strength to help with my football (soccer for any friends across the pond), particularly for increasing my speed and helping with general play as I am a defender.

I do also want to increase my size a bit too, so unsure on what would be best in the gym?





Hi mate,

5 x 5 is a good choice given what you have said. It will increase your strength and build some muscle.

You've missed out what your routine is though which is very important! I would do three weight sessions a week which target the entire body. Keep it short and sweet.

Something like...

Bent over row
Bench press

Shoulder press
Chin up

Hang clean
Bench press
Wide grip pull up

5 x 5 is good, but with the above exercises you could do 5 x 5 for the first two exercises making them the target of the session. Take 3-4 minutes rest between sets. The last exercise you could have 3 sets of 10 to change it up a bit. Core could also be added to the end, but you will develop a strong core by following the exercises above too.


Thanks a lot Phil!

I do quite a lot more exercises at the moment than you suggest. I usually do legs on a Tueday, chest and shoulders on Wednesday and back and arms on Friday. I spend about 1 hour 15 minutes in the gym. So from your answer I take it you think I am doing too much?

Thanks :)



What Phil says is good. I would maybe opt for more Oly lifts but decent choice there. I would point out that if you want to sprint quicker you would need to have specific sprint training added in. Strength along will not increase your speed much.


Hi Marky, thanks for the answer. Any suggestions on sprint training? I do sprints during my football training but it's just shuttle runs and the like.


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