Pain in outer calf when running

Hello everyone :) I am looking for some help about pain I am experiencing in the outer calf when I am running.

The pain itself is located quite low down the leg, maybe four or five inches above the ankle on the outside of the lower leg on my right hand side.

During the day I don't feel it much, although I sometimes do when I wake up. It flares up when I begin to run though.

I am planning on seeing a Physio in the next week but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this before?

Thanks x




It could be anything ranging from tendonitis to a stress fracture of the Tibia. Only a trained physician will be able to tell you, so going to a physio is the best idea.

Going from what you have said I would bet on it being tendonitis, simply because it is hurting you when you begin running and sometimes hurts in the morning - i.e. when the tissue is less supple. Is it tender if you press on the area?

Anyway, we can speculate, but see a Physio and follow their course of action which will likely involve a break from training for several weeks, correcting any underlying issues which may have caused it, and then slowly building up activity again.


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