Name: Melanotan, Melanotan II
Other common names and terms: MT, Melanotan 2
Drug Class: α-MSH
Common doses: Melanotan - 2-3mg per day, Melanotan II - 1mg per day
Melanotan structure Melanotan Structure

What is melanotan and melanotan II?

Melanotan and melanotan II are peptides that have recently become very popular due to their abilities to cause tanning of the skin, something much sort after by many bodybuilders and those who like to have dark and tanned skin for aesthetics. The secretion of melanin causes the tanning and darkening of the skin, and melanin is heightened by melanotan (more melanotan equals more melanin), a peptide characteristically twinned with α-MSH. The functions are not just limited to skin pigmentation, however. Hair pigmentation, libido and appetite are also determined by Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone. The tanning effect is heightened by the exposure of UV light, although tanning of the skin has been noted in areas of the body that do not usually get expose to the light. Tanning is usually more pronounced in the facial area and arms.

What are the side effects of melanotan?

Within clinical studies the main side effects noted were nausea and flushing of the face. Appetite suppression is also widely noted with melanotan, which could either be welcomed or unwelcome for a bodybuilder depending on their dietary goals at the time! Many online journals of users experiences with melanotan has backed this up with many users reporting a feeling of nausea after the injections. At the dosages outlined in this article it would be less common to actually vomit from the result of the administration of the melanotan, although this side effect has been noted in clinical studies (which usually involve higher dosages). Users have noted fatigue as another side effect of the melanotan. Tanning, headaches, nausea, flushing, itching and irritation, tiredness, dizziness, and the formation of white patches are all possible. Melanotan II has been noted to have more side effects than those just previously listed, including increased sexual arousal.

The side effects associated with melanotan often decrease with each administration of the substance, although most will experience the most common side effects of nausea and flushing only shortly after injecting the peptide, with the effects lasting up to a few hours.

What are the differences between melanotan and melanotan II?

Melanotan is the peptide that is being trailed for main stream use due to its shorter list of possible side effects from its usage. Melanotan II has a greater list of side effects due to its interaction with a greater number of melanocortin receptors. This brings about more effects from the peptides usage, and also can make the outlined side effects that both melanotan and melanotan II share more pronounced. Although melanotan is the peptide that appears more enticing to use, many people who source the product now often choose to buy melanotan II due to its cost and ability to cause increased libido.

Administrating melanotan and melanotan II

Melanotan and melanotan II are supplied in vials as powders that need to be mixed with bacteriostatic water for injection. The melanotan and melanotan II powder are best stored in a freezer due to their slow degradation at room temperature, and are often shipped in ice packs for this reason. The degrading process is slow, so if your melanotan did not get shipped in ice packs it will not make your batch that less effective as long as the exposure to the higher temperature has not exceeded several days.

As previously stated, melanotan needs to be mixed with bacteriostatic water prior to injection. To achieve a concentration of 10mg/8ml, use 8ml of bacteriostatic water in your 10mg vial of powder. From this we can have a concentration level of 0.25mg per 0.2ml. This should be enough liquid for you to accurately draw up using a 1ml marked syringe, although you could choose your own concentration level using a similar process. By using a 1ml syringe we can successfully attach and detach needles, and store the solution filled syringe in the fridge ready for the next injection.

The required dosages of melanotan are greater than that of melanotan II. A daily dosage of 2-3mg of melanotan will bring about fruitful results, and a daily dosage of 1mg will do the same for melanotan II. To restrict the undesirable side effects it is often best to start the dosages at a level of 1-1.5mg for melanotan and 0.25mg-0.5mg for melanotan II, and build the dosages by .25mg each day until the target dosage is reached.

The injection itself is done into the sub-cutaneous layer.

Important information

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