Ostarine (MK2866) cycle – the guide

Ostarine (MK2866) cycle – the guide

Belonging to the exciting class of drugs known as SARMs, Ostarine (MK2866) has proven itself to be an excellent choice for bodybuilders looking for steroid like gains in lean mass and body composition enhancement, without many of the associated side effects.

The major benefit of SARMS (selective androgen receptor modulators) is their unique ability to only selectively bind to the receptors within bone and muscle. Many of the side effects associated with steroid use is due to the steroid’s affinity to receptors found elsewhere in the body that can result in the likes of accelerated hair loss, prostate enlargement and other undesirable side effects. Being a SARM, there’s no need to worry about such side effects during an Ostarine (MK2866) cycle.

Ostarine cycle length and dosage

The common dosage for an Ostarine cycle is 25mg per day for 8-12 weeks. Whilst Ostarine won’t pack on the sort of mass you’d associated with the likes of Dianabol or even a ‘dry’ steroid like Superdrol, it will prove highly effective at lying down, albeit moderately, quality gains in lean muscle with hardly any side effects.

Where Ostarine does outshine is its ability to greatly enhance body composition, that is to say, allow the user to shed body fat whilst simultaneously gaining quality muscle tissue. Such a feat is near impossible without artificial aid and Ostarine is one of the best choices in the SARMS line-up due to its superior anti-catabolic ability and high anabolic index.

Ostarine will cause a lot less suppression to natural testosterone production compared to most steroids. It would be wrong to think Ostarine can not cause any shutdown, but results from users who have had their bloods taken before, during and after an Ostarine cycle appear to suggest shorter 4 weeks cycles result in no notable shutdown and longer cycles only cause moderate shutdown for most users.

For this reason, Ostarine has become a popular choice for more advanced users as an addition to their normal PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) protocol after a heavy steroid cycle. The advantages are clear; the anabolic and anti-catabolic properties of Ostarine will work wonders to help maintain the gains made during the cycle while the user undertakes a PCT. By limiting the Ostarine use to 4 weeks it shouldn’t notably hinder restoration of natural testosterone production.

Similarly, its low suppressive trait has resulted in advanced users opting to use Ostarine as a full bridge between steroid cycles.

Within the sporting and athletics world a lower dosage of 12.5mg per day has proven very successful. Athletes can expect steady increases in strength, recovery and endurance while not displaying anything outwardly suspicious.

Having a half-life of 24 hours means splitting the daily dosage isn’t necessary and the entire dosage can be taken in one serving.

Fewer side effects

While you can expect to not suffer from many of the undesirable effects steroids can cause, an Ostarine cycle does have the potential to cause side effects.

That said, Ostarine (MK2866) doesn’t aromatize so oestrogenic side effects should not be a concern during an Ostarine cycle. The likes of gynecomastia – the formation of breast tissue - shouldn’t be a worry, nor should water bloat.

Being a SARM, Ostarine is designed to have selective androgenic affinities. The common androgenic side effects from anabolic androgenic steroids should be far less common with Ostarine such as accelerated hair loss, aggressiveness and acne.

Ostarine isn’t hepatotoxic so it should not cause damage to the liver from its suggested use.

Although Ostarine isn’t very suppressive, it can cause moderate shutdown when taken for the suggested 8-12 week cycle. For this reason it would be wise to run a PCT to ensure any shutdown is reversed. A 2 week PCT starting the day after the last Ostarine dose should prove sufficient.

As a word of caution, always ensure you legally source SARMS from somewhere reputable so you know what you order is what you receive. It is not unheard of for products marketed as SARMS to contain banned anabolic hormones that can cause side effects outside of the scope we’ve covered and likely explains the occasional reports of Ostarine users experiencing side effects that should not occur given what we know about the drug. Always use a reputable retailer and do some research into the item before purchasing.

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