Halodrol cycle – the guide

Halodrol cycle – the guide

Halodrol is a steroid that shares many of the same traits as its cousin Turinabol - steady gains in lean muscle mass and enhanced vascularity with minimal side effects. It has proven an effective choice for those new to the world of anabolics and prohormones.

Halodrol acts as a precursor to the anabolic steroid Turinabol, the steroid that was made infamous by being the drug of choice during the East German state-sponsored doping program in the 1980s. Halodrol converts to Turinabol at a rate of about 5%, yet this fairly low conversion shouldn’t mask the fact Halodrol in itself appears to display androgenic and anabolic characteristics similar to Turinabol.

Make no mistake; although Halodrol has been marketed as a legal prohormone, it exhibits all the powerful effects you’d expect from a banned anabolic steroid.

Results from a Halodrol cycle

As far as steroids and prohormones go, Halodrol is widely considered to be a good choice for those new to the game. It tends to be considered one of the more friendly choices when it comes to potential side effects and users of Halodrol will notice steady gains in muscle size and strength as the cycle progresses.

In addition, those who wish to avoid the suspicion of others will welcome the steady dry gains that come from Halodrol which are in stark contrast to the likes of Dianabol and Anadrol that cause sudden and significant ‘wet’ gains in body mass.

A Halodrol cycle will last for 4-6 weeks with a dosage of 100mg per day typical. This dosage can be reduced if the Halodrol is being stacked (combined) with other steroids or prohormones. If you purchase Halodrol legally as an over-the-counter product, always read the label and follow the instructions.

Little to no water retention should be noticed from Halodrol use so any weight gained will most likely be from lean tissue, assuming training and diet are in order. It should be possible to keep the gained muscle once the cycle is ceased by following a suitable PCT and ensuring the required additional calories are consumed to maintain the extra mass.

Anecdotally, users running solo Halodrol cycles will typically see half a stone to a stone of mass gained, much of which is kept post cycle. Decent increases in strength will also be experienced with the gains usually seen in week 2-3 of the cycle.

Advanced users looking for more pronounced dry gains may opt for a Superdrol cycle instead.

Possible side effects

Milk ThistleTo allow Halodrol to be taken orally the hormone has been modified (17-alpha alkylated) to allow it to survive ingestion and pass into the bloodstream. The downside of this modification is the stress and damage it can cause to the liver if taken in high enough dosages and for an extended period of time. This why Halodrol cycles are limited to 4-6 weeks in duration and it is highly advised to supplement with liver protection products during the cycle such as Liv-52, Milk Thistle and ALA. Avoid alcohol and other hepatotoxic medications/steroids whilst using Halodrol.

Oestrogenic side effects should be of zero concern during a Halodrol cycle due to the hormone being non-aromatizing (doesn’t convert to oestrogen). The absence of oestrogen is why Halodrol gains are characterised as being dry in nature – users don’t tend to bloat or retain water as they would with the likes of Anadrol. With no increase oestrogen or prolactin activity, Gynecomastia (breast tissue formation) shouldn’t be a worry and Halodrol will prove to be an effective choice for those prone to such oestrogenic side effects.

Like Turinabol, Halodrol isn’t as androgenic as many other steroids but side effects associated with heightened androgen activity are possible. These include oily skin and acne breakouts as well as increased aggression and accelerated hair loss for those who are predisposed.

A 4-6 week Halodrol cycle will cause shutdown to the body’s natural testosterone production. It is therefore vital a Post Cycle Therapy is followed to help restore balance to the body’s hormone balance and retain the gains made on cycle. The PCT would begin the day after your last Halodrol dose and would run for 3 weeks.

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