Epistane cycle – the guide

Epistane cycle – the guide

Since its introduction in the mid-2000s as a legal ‘supplement’, Epistane has proven to be the most favoured prohormone for those new to anabolic assistance and seeking out a safe first cycle.

And their choice can’t be faltered. Epistane has some truly unique characteristics that make it a perfect choice for many trainers embarking on their first cycle. It can be bought legally, taken in a capsule form, produces steady but notable gains in both lean muscle size and strength, and side effects are virtually non-existent for most.

As a testament to its effectiveness, many people who use Epistane for their first cycle often go on to use Epistane for subsequent cycles, usually choosing to stack the prohormones with other legal steroids and prohormones.

What will I experience?

Epistane is far more anabolic than it is androgenic. It also doesn’t aromatise i.e. convert to oestrogen. These properties make it a fairly safe choice for anyone wishing to avoid the common side effects of steroid use such as water bloat, breast tissue formation, acne, hair loss and aggressiveness.

It’s high anabolic ratio means we have a hormone that will promote muscle growth, and given the lack of water retention, these gains will be quality and dry in nature. Anything from half a stone to a stone of quality muscle gains are possible from a first cycle if the trainer has their workout and dietary programs up to par.

A lot of users report decent strength gains from Epistane only cycles which is a nice bonus. As always, care should be taken if you notice rapid strength gains as connective tissue can become stressed if you quickly ramp up resistance. Make sure you give your body time to adjust to avoid injuries.

Most people report Epistane kicking in on weeks 2-3, with the user typically experiencing much fuller muscles, greater vascularity and decent strength gains. That said, it’s not uncommon for a first time user to notice the onset of changes within a few days of starting their Epistane cycle.

Epistane dosage and cycle length

A typical first Epistane cycle would last 4-6 weeks with a daily dosage of 30mg.

The entire dose can be taken at the same time opposed to being spread out of the day. It would be wise to stick to taking the dose at the same time each day, however.

40mg+ per day is also common, but higher dosages would be best left to subsequent cycles. 30mg each day for a first time user is plenty to see some awesome gains while being able to gauge if you’re prone to any side effects.

As a side note, RPN Havoc (one of the leading Epistane products currently available) provides 90 (10mg) capsules per bottle. Clearly, dosing a cycle at 30mg per day would mean a bottle would run out in 30 days i.e. just over four weeks. Choosing to run a bottle’s worth at 30mg per day is therefore a popular choice. If you did want to run a slightly longer cycle it would mean purchasing an additional bottle which you will not finish sticking to these recommended dosages. Of course, the left over capsules could be used for your next cycle if you respond well to Epistane.

Side effects

As mentioned, Epistane is by far one of the friendliest options out there when it comes to side effects. But, we are talking about anabolic hormones so everything is of course relative. Side effects are possible.

Androgenic side effects such as oily skin, acne, male pattern hair loss and aggressiveness are not typically experienced with Epistane given its low androgenic ratio, but are always possible.

Oestrogenic side effects including water bloat and ‘gyno’ (formation of breast tissue) are not thought to be possible with Epistane as it does not convert to oestrogen. In fact, a lot of Epistane users have reported it having a favourable impact of existing gyno given its anti-oestrogen properties (the hormone was first developed as a breast cancer drug in the 1960s to lower oestrogen).

For the majority; headaches, back/shin pumps and shut down are probably the most common side effects.

The first two side effects mentioned are often related and are due to hydration levels. Making sure you drink plenty of fluids throughout the day often prevents or successfully eases these.

Shut down of your body’s natural testosterone production is to be expected when taking any anabolic. Epistane is usually mild in this regard but some testicular atrophy can occur along with a change in sex drive. It is vital a PCT is followed after you finish your Epistane cycle to restore your natural hormone balance.

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