Workout supplements for newbie

Help I am a bit lost! I am looking for a good supplement to take before my workouts to help train harder but not sure on which to pick. Anybody got any pointers or want to share what they take?




Large black coffee and banana is my pre workout choice!



Is your diet up to scratch?

I don't mean that in a preachy way, more to say that pre-workout supplements would be last on my list of things to purchase because much better gains can be made from looking at your overall diet and training structure.

The buzz you feel from them also tends to reduce over time as you become accustomed to the stimulant used.

That said I am a believer of BCAA taken around training time and that would be what I'd advise.



MYPRE from Myprotein is my current choice.

I'm liking the results so far using a couple of scoops, gives a good buzz and more energy.


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