Star Trac 8 Series TRx Treadmill

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  • Star Trac 8 Series TRx Treadmill
  • Star Trac Open Hub Console

The revered Star Trac brand have designed an exceptional treadmill that is pleasure to use and is lighter than ever thanks to the aluminium frame.

As with other Star TRac treadmills, the 8 Series TRx is fitted with the triple cell cushioning system that reduces the stress on joints during running. Anyone who has regularly run on hard surfaces will know the potential for dreaded repetitive stress injuries such as shin splints that can ruin a workout. The shock absorption system used on the Star TRac 8 Series TRx will help a great deal prevent such issues.

Runners looking for a tough workout will welcome the 15mph top speed and 20% max incline of the 8 Series TRx treadmill. Many commercial treadmills are only capable of 12mph and a 15% incline. Runners that train for short distances will no doubt also benefit from being able to push the treadmill speed greater than is typically possible.

At the heart of the Star Trac 8 Series TRx Treadmill is the console. Equipped with the popular Star Trac Coach, you have in excess of 1 million possible workouts to choose from so your workouts will always remain fresh, new and demanding.

The design of the treadmill has clearly been with the end user in mind. The so-called Hot Bar is positioned right in front of the user during the workout and allows for quick one-finger adjustments to speed and incline, as well as the heart rate grips.

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Weight 216kg
Category Domestic and commercial use
Console 15” console with Star Trac Coach for over 1 million workouts and usual workout feedback
Folding No
Motor 5 HP AC
Incline 0-20%
Speed Up to 15mph
Treadmill dimensions L 215 cm x W 91 cm x H 160 cm
Track dimensions L 152 cm x W 54.6 cm
What’s great about the 8 Series TRx What’s not so great
Star Trac Coach is a great program that provides over 1 million workouts to keep your workouts fresh and interesting Runners that prefer treadmills with greater emphasis on console entertainment may find other similar priced treadmills better suited (e.g. the SE3 console found on Life Fitness models)
Excellent cushioning of the running track to take stress away from the joints
The cross bar is close to the runner and is very convenient (provides a one touch change to speed or elevation as well as contact heart rate)
15mph top speed and 20% max incline is greater than a lot of other treadmills available
Large running track
Excellent build quality and unlikely to require much ongoing maintenance


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