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What is Best to stack Test e with for cutting?

I'm 42 been taking test e at 1ml every 4 days, I'm now looking to cut what is best to stack with test e to achieve this?? I'm 6ft 1 and currently weigh 237lbs biceps sitting at 17.5" would like to maintain as much muscle as possible as I look puffy in the gut area ...

Best choice for getting lean

First of all I want apologize for writing in English is not the good..... Thanks I'm 6'5"...301 lbs.... 50years old..Natural...I was a Greco-Roman wrestling for long time....So I got good muscle mass.....But with age and work success come the "fat"...And the" love handles"...I ...

A natty stack

Im looking for a good natty stack for long time use to keep stable my energy during the day,focus and etc. Also a good preworkout stack to boost my energy before gym going. I am intermittent fasting fan, so i dont eat any calories till noon just drinking plenty of water and black...