First time using HGH

Wondering what I can expect when running HGH for the first time?

I've ran lots of AAS cycles but not HGH. Is it worth the expense? I'll be running it during my next Anavar and Primo cycle, looking to drop down my body fat ready for the summer!





Take the HGH guide on here a read. I would tend to agree with what is said in there.

Some people notice some results from a low dose of 2ius a day (5 on / 2 off), but 4ius + is the norm for most people looking to notice results but it has to be ran for a number of months.

Can be very pricey. It's good stuff but your money will stretch a whole lot more with a AAS cycle.

Anavar and Primo is a great cycle, enjoy.


Cheers bud.

I was going to run 5ius daily with weekends off, does that sound like a good dose?

Yeah, very $$$ - tell me about it lol I need a pay raise! I don't expect same results as steroids but hoping it will help me cut up


Have a google for "HGH log" or "HGH results"


Yeah, I have looked around for logs just wanted to get other peoples thoughts on here.


It will definitely help with cutting up if everything else is in place.



"Wondering what I can expect when running HGH for the first time?"

Pins and needles and a lighter wallet!


This only happens with high doses for me.


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