Lying hip thrust


The lying hip thrust has a limited range of motion, but successfully targets the abdominals through flexion of the spine. By lifting the glutes off the ground and tilting the pelvis, we are shortening the distance between the pelvis and the ribcage, thus engaging the rectus abdominis (a.k.a. the “six-pack”).

Somewhat similar to the lying leg raise, the hip thrust excludes the lifting of the legs from the ground which primarily stimulates the hip flexors, and instead focuses on the recruitment of the abdominals.

Sport uses

The muscles of the abdomen, as well as the other muscles of the core, play an important role in sporting and athletic movements, as the core contracts to stabilise the trunk. Having a strong and powerful core is therefore a great asset for improved performance and injury prevention.

Similar exercises



  1. Lay mat on the floor
  2. Lay on the mat, arms down by your sides to improve balance
  3. Flex your hips to bring thighs perpendicular to the floor, keeping your legs extended with a slight bend in the knee


  1. Raise your glutes off the floor by flexing at the waist to bring your pelvis towards your shoulders
  2. Once peak contraction is reached, reverse the movement back to the starting position
  3. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions


Muscles targeted during the Lying hip thrust

(Primary target / Secondary target)


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