Incline dumbbell curl


The incline dumbbell curl is an isolation exercise for targeting the biceps. Lying on an incline bench prevents assisting muscle groups from aiding the lift, therefore placing maximum demand on the biceps.

Curling the dumbbell with a supinated grip during the incline dumbbell curl results in the biceps being the primarily worker, with the other arm flexor muscles (the brachialis and brachioradialis) less involved.

Although there is no tangle difference between the two, the athlete can choose to either curl both dumbbells simultaneously or opt to curl one arm at a time.

Sport uses

The incline dumbbell curl isolates the biceps during the flexion of the elbow. This may help some athletes who require strong arm flexor muscles (such as those involved in contact sports), but is unlikely going to be an effective primary choice due to the limited stimulus provided.

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  1. Find a set of suitably weighted dumbbells
  2. Adjust an incline bench so that it is set at around forty-five degrees
  3. Grasp both the dumbbells and sit back on the bench with your arms extended down by the sides
  4. Turn your wrists so you are using a supinated grip (palms facing away from you)


  1. Flex at the elbow to curl the dumbbells upward, keeping your upper arms fixed perpendicular to the ground
  2. Once peak contraction is reached, reverse the movement back to the starting position
  3. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions


Muscles targeted during the Incline dumbbell curl

(Primary target / Secondary target)


Stablisers and secondary targets

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