The Predator nutrition diet – 7 days to getting ripped!

The Predator nutrition diet – 7 days to getting ripped!

We have all been there - fallen behind on our diet, or maybe never even paid our diet any attention. Whether you are a competing athlete or a regular Joe we all sometimes want to get ripped fast, and don't want to hear the standard lose 2lbs of fat per week. In an extreme situation where we need to get in top condition in a week, we must take extreme measures.

We have all been there - fallen behind on our diet, or maybe never even paid our diet any attention. Whether you are a competing athlete or a regular Joe we all sometimes want to get ripped fast, and don't want to hear the standard lose 2lbs of fat per week. In an extreme situation where we need to get in top condition in a week, we must take extreme measures.

This article will cover methods only suitable for those willing to endure some suffering in the short term to achieve their fat loss goals, offering options for both natural and drug using athletes.

Although the following diet and training protocol can be done without the use of any supplements or drugs, those planning to utilise diet aids should ensure they have them ready in advance. Similarly, a period of time spent on a lowered carbohydrate diet will help the body adjust to the diet to follow when we begin. Finally, it is assumed anyone following this approach will already follow an intensive training schedule.

Nutrition program

We are going to be cutting calories drastically adopting a protein sparing modified fast (PSMF). This is a diet pioneered in the medical field to generate as much fat loss as possible. In one study obese patients lost an average of 31.8lbs in just six weeks while losing no muscle mass¹. Now, obese patients may not necessarily make for the best guidelines but these people were not performing any bodybuilding exercises to maintain muscle mass, nor did they use any drugs or supplements.

In its purest form the PSMF dieter would eat only 600-800 calories per day on average (no more than a maximum of 1000) with virtually all the calories coming from protein plus small amounts of essential fatty acids and low calorie vegetables. However, we need to modify this approach for those who are engaged in heavy weight training and cardio.

Assuming that includes you, protein intake should be set at 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight, so a 200lb person would be eating between 300 of protein per day. With 4 calories per gram of protein this would equal 1200 calories per day. This is higher than the amount used in studies but then we will need to increase protein intake to help maintain lean body mass and to help repair damaged muscle cells (protein being the key ingredient of muscle). You could lose more fat faster reducing protein further so feel free to lower it to as little as 1.5g/kg of bodyweight but at that level you can basically discount the cardio element to this program, not to mention you will feel even more wretched than you will. With some of the supplement and drug strategies outlined we would keep it at 1.5g/lb of bodyweight as originally stated.

Apart from the amount of protein eaten it is very important to eat only protein from food sources wherever possible. Hunger is going to generate massive problems on this type of diet so fast acting whey protein is out of the picture, except maybe a small amount before and after training. Instead, focus on eating your protein through the leanest cuts of meat and fish possible - Turkey Breast, Tuna, and Egg Whites are excellent choices as these are all carbohydrate free and only have very small amounts of fat. We would personally advise adding some calorie free flavouring to aid palatability such as vinegar, cayenne pepper sauce, and using herbs on the meats. Peppers will have the additional benefit of having a slight thermogenic effect. As for vegetables, no more than about half a carrot or a couple of pieces of broccoli per meal.

Apart from this the only other thing to note is to ensure you have 3-6 grams of fish oils per day which will provide essential fatty acids, and to supplement with a multivitamin and multimineral formula such as Animal Pak. This is vital to prevent health issues arising. You can split your small amount of calories into 3, 4 or whatever number of meals you like per day. If you must have a shake then at least choose a casein based protein drink such as Muscle Milk rather than a Whey based one.

If you follow this dietary plan to a tee watch the weight come off rapidly especially after the first couple of days, and if you used to follow a high carbohydrate diet.

Training program

Training will be conducted according to a full body training split 3 x a week. Full body training will help ensure glycogen depletion rapidly and the frequency of the workouts will help to maintain muscle strength by ensuring some stimulus. You will do a basic program performing no more than 2-3 sets of any exercise and resting 2-3 minutes between sets.

Sample program

Squats or Leg Press 2-3 set of 6-8 Reps
Stiff Legged Deadlifts or Leg Curls 1-2 sets of 6-8 Reps
Bench Press 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps
Chins 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps
Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press 1-2 sets of 8-10 reps
Bicep Curls 1-2 sets of 8-10 reps
Tricep Pressdowns 1-2 sets of 8-10 reps

Reps are kept in a range where most bodybuilder will be familiar with offering a good compromise of maintaining strength and size while still depleting whatever glycogen was held over from before the diet started. On the first day of the 7 day plan (assuming a Monday start) you could increase the sets performed by 1 per exercise as your body will still be in a state where more glycogen is held but then after that reduce to the number listed above.

This training program would be repeated on Wednesday and Friday assuming you trained on Monday first. Weights used should be heavy enough that the last set of each exercise is approaching muscular failure (where you cannot lift the weight without assistance).

That is really all there is to say about the training except that you can switch in different exercises than the ones listed above freely, so long as you try to focus on compound, multi-joint exercises where possible.

Sports supplements

Apart from the previously mentioned Animal Pak (the best multivitamin/multi-mineral available for athletes), and fish oils a number of other supplements are recommended:

Potassium will help to prevent cramping and to replace lost salts. It is widely available at health food stores so, given the very low price, is a supplement we advise people to use.

In addition, a stimulant compound such as Driven Sports Adrenalean or Geranamine will help to control hunger, provide an energy boost when feeling fatigued, and by acting as a thermogenic, help you to burn more body fat. A non-stimulant supplement such as Lean Xtreme by Driven Sports will help to lower cortisol on a diet ensuring lean body mass is spared and more fat is burnt while Damage Control Protocol by RPN will increase fat loss through yet another mechanism. The combination of three fat burners operating through different means will provide a significant boost to the diet.

Testosterone boosters such as Activate Xtreme will help increase testosterone helping to protect muscle mass further as well as helping to increase your drive and focus in the gym. Although, it would also usually act to increase muscle mass, this is too much to expect on such a severe diet but it will help to keep it while training and also support mood by increasing libido (although libido will undoubtedly suffer on this diet plan).

If you would prefer something rather stronger then prohormones such as Epistane or H-Drol will provide the maximum support available for muscle mass and strength. These powerful compounds may even help to increase muscle mass, even on such a severe diet!


Although it is not advisable because of the risks to health and the fact they are illegal, drugs such as Testosterone, Growth Hormone, IGF-1LR3, PGF2-A, MGF, and Clenbuterol could theoretically be stacked with this type of diet to help to guard against muscle mass yet further. However, because of the risk to health on such an extreme diet, diuretics such as Lasix should be avoided at all costs, and T3 would not be advised on this type of diet either because of the danger of muscle loss.

Steroids of all kinds will act in a similar fashion to prohormones - by keeping up androgen levels strength, muscle mass and libido will be lent vital support. Growth Hormone/IGF1-LR3 and MGF will all have a fat burning effect as well as providing for enhanced joint function? Quite important on such a diet which will make you drop water quickly.

PGF2-A or its cousin PGCL is something only the truly hardcore will think of using. Expect agonizing pain and frequent trips to the toilet. In fact given the probable water loss on this diet we would say that like Lasix or Aldactone, it is a step too far into lunatic territory, but still, it is beyond argument that this drug will burn fat and shed water to create an unbelievable ripped appearance.

That leaves DNP, every hardcore bodybuilder's secret weapon. Well, if you know the risks surrounding this and are well educated then you can judge for yourself whether you can apply it to the Predator diet, but get this one wrong and you will be pushing daisies. We advise caution with the use of drugs and really think they are not necessary - at least try the diet naturally first before considering any drug use.


Following this plan don't be surprised to wake up visibly leaner on a daily basis. It will be hard to stick with the diet but when you can visibly see yourself getting leaner, and knowing it ends after just one week, you should persevere. People have lost up to 7lbs of body fat in just one week performing this diet, even more in bodyweight especially those used to a high carbohydrate diet. Although we would never advocate this for a long term approach, in a short period of time it gets the job done faster than anything else we know of. If you can perform the diet to a tee with the training then you will get great results. If you add in either the supplement recommendations or the drug stacks if that is your preferred methodology, the rapid fat loss will act like a blowtorch to your body's fat cells. After that week, just remember, stick to your diet and the Predator diet need not be faced again!

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  1. Van Gaal LF, Snyders D, De Leeuw IH, and Bekaert JL (1985)

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