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First cycle after 1 year of WL, too soon?

Zup! As the topic says, ive been lifting for about a year, shown pretty good progress, especially first 6 months. Done some power lifting competetions now on the later end, still showing some small increases but it feels a bit slow. DL 150 BP 80 SQ 115 @ 59kg as latest ...

How to start a winstrol cycle for the first time

I'm 45 been active all my life I'm trying winstrol for the first time tablets ! How many a day do I take and which food and drinks to avoid ?...

newbie - start a cycle

hello. i am ready for gym now and a simple cycle. i've been training at home for long, used supplements, but can not reach the desired effect. now i am ready to start a cycle. until it is not too late, want from you some advises, coments, suggestions. Thanx ...