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What should I eat before my workout?

Hello! I jog most days for 30-45 minutes to help me lose weight (I can't afford a gym membership). At the moment I'm going jogging about half an hour to forty five minutes after tea but I'm getting a stitch a lot so I'm wondering if I'm eating the wrong things or shouldn't be ...

What are empty calories?

Take it easy on me, I'm new here! I'm looking to lose weight and have found a lot of the pages on this website useful, but I'm still confused. I've seen "empty calories" mentioned on the tele and other websites but I don't know what they are and how to avoid them? Many thanks...

First time using HGH

Wondering what I can expect when running HGH for the first time? I've ran lots of AAS cycles but not HGH. Is it worth the expense? I'll be running it during my next Anavar and Primo cycle, looking to drop down my body fat ready for the summer! Cheers...