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I need to know how to layout my cycles

I am 32 at 6 foot 200 pounds i get prescriptions for test e 200 and arimadex , i have 3 x sus 350.. 2x eq 300.. tren 200 x1 tri tren x1 and a shit load of winny , iv done a few small cycles test and tren and i hurt some ligaments in the prosses. I want to cut my fat while gaining...

Workout supplements for newbie

Help I am a bit lost! I am looking for a good supplement to take before my workouts to help train harder but not sure on which to pick. Anybody got any pointers or want to share what they take?...

Best Dianabol dose for first time?

Hello gents I've not used any steroids before. Have been training for several years and now want to take the plunge at the tender age of 38! I feel Dianabol will be the best option for me because pinning is a no go given life/family situation. My question is, what do you lot ...