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First time using HGH

Wondering what I can expect when running HGH for the first time? I've ran lots of AAS cycles but not HGH. Is it worth the expense? I'll be running it during my next Anavar and Primo cycle, looking to drop down my body fat ready for the summer! Cheers...

Best choice for getting lean

First of all I want apologize for writing in English is not the good..... Thanks I'm 6'5"...301 lbs.... 50years old..Natural...I was a Greco-Roman wrestling for long time....So I got good muscle mass.....But with age and work success come the "fat"...And the" love handles"...I ...

A natty stack

Im looking for a good natty stack for long time use to keep stable my energy during the day,focus and etc. Also a good preworkout stack to boost my energy before gym going. I am intermittent fasting fan, so i dont eat any calories till noon just drinking plenty of water and black...